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Emergency lighting installations, repairs, maintenance and reports.


Industrial repairs and maintenance and installations

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EICR Reports

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) Commercial, Industrial and Domestic

Electrical testing and inspections, Landlord Reports

Industrial and commercial business premises are recommended to have their electrical installations inspected and tested and acquire an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) regularly, usually depending on the nature of their business at intervals of between one and five years, in fact most commercial business insurance policies require that a current EICR is in place as part of their cover.

In domestic installations it is recommended that your electrical installation is inspected and an EICR obtained every ten years.

For rented properties it is now a requirement for a landlord to arrange for an EICR to be carried out before any new tenancy can commence, for existing tenancies a EICR should carried out at least every five years.

Consumer unit upgrades

If you have an aged fuse box, especially one where you rewireable fuses (fuse wire) then we strongly recommend that you consider an upgrade, these old style fuse boxes simply cannot compare to the safety and convenience offered by modern RCD/RCBO 18th Edition consumer units.  All your existing circuits will be tested to ensure they are safe and your new consumer unit system installed, tested, certificated and notified to Building Control.

Rewires and part rewires

We offer full or part rewiring of your property, your existing electrical installation maybe unsafe, not to current safety standards or simply just doesn’t meet your requirements, we always work to the highest standards and will advise on the on the best systems and equipment currently available. Or work is fully guaranteed, certificated and notified to Building Control.

Industrial repairs and maintenance and installations

Having spent over many years in industrial electrical maintenance we consider ourselves to be highly experienced and competent in this particular area, we offer a repair, maintenance and breakdown service together with improvements to make your production more efficient, sourcing and installation of parts and accessories.

Commercial installations

Emergency lighting installations, repairs, maintenance and reports

Many commercial and industrial premises have an emergency lighting system, however it’s surprising how many of these systems simply don’t work, a potentially dangerous situation that my only become apparent should something go terribly wrong.  It is a fundamental requirement that these systems firstly work and that they are tested and maintained regularly, we offer installation, testing, certification and maintenance.